Welcome to the ‘Thunderbirds Continuous Timeline’

A website set up to look into the possibility that every officially released story (e.g. Books, Comics and Audios) of the 1965 TV series Thunderbirds, can exist in the same universe. This site takes all those stories and tries to place them in a chronological order.


Since my first viewing of Thunderbirds as a kid, I have always believed that when the credits roll, my favourite characters still went off and had adventures that we never saw. When they ride off into the sun set (or in this case when Thunderbird 2 flow towards the sun at the end of ‘Security Hazard’) they’re still at Tracy Island getting on with their lives. In many ways this has been my attitude towards any television show that I adored.

When I started to discover the spin off media, such as the Frank Bellamy comics, I perfectly believed that these where those unseen rescues. I never really thought that they were anything but continuations of the world that we enjoyed on the television.

It was when I joined a Thunderbirds fan fiction group that I started to discover a different opinion, one that I had never encountered before. In the notes section of their stories, writers would sometimes tell us that their stories were set in an ‘Episode Universe’ or ‘TV21 Universe’. When enquiring about it, they told me that the futuristic elements of the TV21 comics just didn’t work when comparing them to the more sedate TV episodes.

When I suggested the concept of an expanded universe, some said they had never considered it. Others didn’t agree with it and a few just couldn’t understand what I was talking about. I decided that to illustrate my point, I was going to have to create my own Thunderbirds timeline.

This website, is the result of five years worth of research, enjoying a variety of Thunderbird stories and outsourcing out of print material from across the globe. As a result we have developed a list that features over 250 chronologically placed adventures.

We don’t try to admit that this timeline makes complete sense with all the contradictions that are thrown at us, but instead try to be inventive with creative theories. Our rule of thumb is very simple. If the story was officially licensed by the (then) current copyright holder, it is eligible for placement.

Before exploring, why not take a look at our ‘The Key to the Timeline‘, which helps understand the formatting of our website.



I would like to give credit to Gerry Anderson fan Kingodzillak, who created the order in which the episodes have been placed in my timeline. He originally came up with the sequence, which was first posted on the website the Space: 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum. When I discovered this order, I was able to use it as the foundation to my timeline. I had no input into its creation.

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If you have any questions you wish to ask, you know of a story that hasn’t been placed yet, or you disagree with a story that’s been placed somewhere and want to say why, then please contact us at the e-mail below. We are always up for talking to fellow Thunderbird fans.



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